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Comprehensive psychological, neuropsychological and psychoeducational testing is available, conducted both in English and Spanish for patients of all ages.

Special attention is placed on evaluating individuals suffering from head trauma, neurological impairment, developmental delays, learning disabilities, and post-traumatic stress disorder to assist in developing rehabilitation intervention strategies for our patients and their families.

Computer-based technology is available to assist in our ADD & ADHD and Dementia work-ups. Children, adolescents and adults are seen in all of our offices to evaluate learning, attentional, and cognitive/memory problems.

Personality profiling in combination with intelligence testing is available to corporations and law enforcement where personnel selection for highly sensitive positions is of paramount importance.


Our sex offender treatment program is offered through our Brooklyn, Great Neck and Manhattan offices and is based on the principles of the "containment model."

Initially, we perform a diagnostic work-up on a patient or defendant which includes extensive interviewing, record review, psychological assessment and polygraph examination to develop a profile of the individual's personality functioning and pattern of offending behavior.

Our treatment program includes individual therapy and psychoeducational groups which emphasize personal responsibility and focus on increasing self-awareness, developing self-control, facilitating victim empathy and relapse prevention.

Psychopharmacologic treatment may be instituted as part of an individual's treatment program for patients who display pronounced compulsivity and have been assessed as particularly resistant to behavioral interventions.

Consistent with the "containment model," we believe that it is essential that the treating clinician, referring party, probation officer and the Court remain in regular contact in order to promote optimal patient attendance and compliance with treatment.  Polygraph is used on an intermittent basis to assist in formulating and instituting a treatment plan that reflects the reality of each patient's pattern of offending behavior.


We have established a specialized program that focuses on the treatment of pathological compulsivity, focusing on problems such as sexual behavior, shoplifting and gambling.

Over the years, we have treated numerous patients who present with a wide range of compulsive problems.  Our program is designed to provide time-limited individual therapy to individuals who find themselves demonstrating compulsive behaviors which place themselves and their families at risk.

Quite often, our patients have not yet run into problems with the law, however, owing to the nature of their compulsivity, personal freedom, finances and family relationships are now at risk. Pursuing treatment for compulsive behavior has offered our patients an alternative to becoming increasingly steeped in difficulties which, if left unchecked, can result in a host of debilitating legal and personal problems.

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